How much does it cost to insure a motorcycle in Florida?

Unfortunately, Florida is home to some of the most expensive motorcycle insurance rates. In fact, it’s fairly unlikely that you will be able to find a policy that is less than $300 per year. It may turn outthat your total annual premiums will be higher than that amount.

The cost of motorcycle insurance in Florida is based on a number of factors. One of these main factors being geography. Usually you will see more expensive rates in states that have high property crime and accident rates. In addition, population is another leading factor when it comes to motorcycle insurance rates according to

Your driving record will also determine your rates. If you are a young, inexperienced motorcycle driver, you will be a higher risk for insurers. As you age and gain more experience, you should expect your premiums to decrease slowly.

When it comes to motorcycles, you may also be able to save on insurance by completing a driving course. These courses are very straightforward and can ensure you know the ins and out of being a motorcycle driver. Being prepared is definitely key.

Drivers who do not have motorcycle insurance in Florida will face stiff penalties. In fact, if a driver does not have proof of insurance, they will face a suspended drivers license, registration, license plates, and reinstatement fees between $150-$500 according to this website.

How much is FL Motorcycle Insurance?

Some policies here in Florida offer a monthly premium of $57 dollars per month. On average, expect to pay around $680 dollars per year for a policy. Usually, the monthly premium method is more expensive than a paid in full policy. Keep that in mind while you shop.

Should I purchase a policy?

While FL motorcycle insurance is not a requirement, you should still purchase it. Even though proof of insurance is not required when registering your bike, think twice before deciding to go without coverage. It’s actually kind of scary to think about motorcycle drivers out there with no coverage whatsoever. Do not be one of them.

All it takes is one accident to financially drain a motorcyclist with absolutely no coverage at all. Failing to have proper coverage can also bare other consequences. It’s not smart to have no coverage so why not shop around and purchase a Florida motorcycle insurance policy today?

Shopping the web for a policy is now easier than ever. In fact, makes it effortless! You can receive the quotes you need in 30 seconds or less. If you want a great policy that meets your budget, they have exactly what you are looking for.