Stop in and see why we are the premier place to shop for your “adult beverages”! We offer:
·        Over 1000 different Wines from All Around the World
·        Largest Selection of Beers from Milwaukee Favorites to Imported ales
·        Many assorted Crafted Beers both Imported and Domestic
·        A large array of over 150 bottles of Single Serve Brews
·        Select from One Bottle to a Full Case of Beers, Wines, or Liquor
·        Kegs available for “Grab & Go” or Special Order… Rootbeers too!
·        Spirits & Liqueurs from Budget Brand Basics to Imported Cordials
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can recommend a wine or beer that will pair well with anything from a simple dinner entrée to a large party or event!
Enjoying your Selection to your Satisfaction is our Priority at
Gordy’s Valley Spirits!